Double Glazed Upvc window door and conservatory Advice and Help

Buying double glazed upvc windows?

Double glazed upvc windows advice

With the weather becoming increasingly colder and winter rapidly gathering momentum, having double glazed upvc windows definitely makes sense. From seeing significantly reductions in monthly energy bills to helping keep your home cosier whilst reducing your carbon footprint, upvc windows are the smart choice of window, all year round.


If you are thinking about replacing existing windows with upvc double glazed alternatives, the following advice could save you money and time and make your move to the world of upvc doubled glazed windows a smoother one.


Choosing the right upvc windows supplier

As a general rule of thumb, choosing a smaller local firm opposed to a large, national company is likely to save you a significant amount of money.

We’ve all seen – and definitely heard – the Safestyle UK adverts. Paying the likes of Reg Holdsworth to blast out the so-called ‘merits’ of buying upvc windows from Safestyle UK comes at a price, which ultimately converts to the price the consumers have to fork out for their new windows.


By contrast, buying your upvc windows from a smaller and respected local retailer, such as Budget UPVC, can help save you a significant amount of money.  

By the same token, avoid buying upvc windows from double glazing sales representatives. Generally speaking these sales reps work on a commission-based basis and have a finally-tuned sales pitch which is designed at prizing as much money as they can from consumers.

This commission is usually paid by one primary source – the consumer.


Get several quotes

To avoid paying hefty prices for your double glazed upvc windows, you should shop around and get several quotes from various retailers before you commit to making a purchase.

Having several quotes will give you a clearer understanding about how expensive, or inexpensive, one upvc retailer is compared to another.


Carefully deliberate what type of glass you opt for

Glass technology has never been more innovative and efficient. The glass that fits into double glazed upvc windows is graded from A – C, A being the most insulating and efficient.


There are other options to consider when buying the glass for your upvc window. For example, you could choose toughened safety glass to make your home more secure, obscured glass for rooms where you would like privacy such as bathrooms, or self-cleaning glass that will be easier to clean and maintain.


These optional types of glass may cost more initially but they could help save you money and time in the long-term.


Consider a supply only option

With supply only double glazed upvc doors you only pay for the windows and not to have them installed. By opting to either fit the windows yourself or to pay an independent builder or installed to fit them, could potentially save you a lot of money.


If you are looking for a cheap, supply only, made to measure double glazed upvc windows Budget upvc is guaranteed to beat any price on any upvc window supply only supplier.

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